Friday, March 23, 2007

Kivio - My Home Network Diagram

There are not many alternatives available when comes to producing clean network diagram in Open Source Arsenal, I know many people like to use Microsoft Visio for its user friendliness and the stencil set that are rich and complete. For simplicity, I don't use any tools that are mentioned here either, in fact I use kivio which you can find here -

The screenshot below shows the user interface of kivio, it is actually part of Koffice(with the prefix K as always), Of course I won't show how I use it to draw network diagram, it is so easy that you can quickly learn it by clicking - adding stencil, drag and drop, highlight and you are done.

Here's the network diagram that I have created for my home network with simple Network Security Monitoring deployment. I think you can draw more complicated network diagram once you are handy with it.

The network diagram looks clean right, you can just install kivio on Gentoo Linux with -

shell>sudo emerge -v kivio

Now you can start to get your hand dirty with the application.

Enjoy ;]


Hex said...

haven't tried that app, but if you're lazy (like me) just go to web-based :)

Anonymous said...

dear geek , i wanted to contact you , but couldnt find your email address , would you please write it somewhere ?

geek00L said...


This sound like SPAM! Anyway you can reach me at geek00l[at]gmail[dot]com

Tedi Heriyanto said...

geek00l, just for curiousity, why you didn't use Dia? :D

geek00L said...

tedi heriyanto,

I don't use dia anymore once I found kivio. It has dia stencil set too.