Thursday, April 26, 2007

Open Source Compatible Handheld Device

I haven't bought any handheld device(handphone not counted), interestingly my friend sent me this link, and I start to think maybe I need one of these toy -

If you know any reference regarding handheld devices that are OSS compatible, please do let me know. Thanks.

Cheers ;]


ash said...


I have a Qtek9090 that loads familiar Linux directly from the SD card without serious problems. That's the actual state of the port:

If you specify what you want the device for I could tell you more specific details.

seth said...

You should check out

They are in developer release mode now, but customer release is supposed to be sometime around September.

Erika said...

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sicksand said...

i am using e680i.

load MkPhone perfectly -

load GPE Phone Edition perfectly (as a demo) -

can load opie oso. once tried

geek00L said...

Hey all,

Thanks a lot for the links and recommendation :)