Tuesday, August 28, 2007

HP Compaq nx6320: Ubuntu Linux

Just start working in the company and I got this laptop in the first day, after few days of using ultimate OS that produced by M$, I can't resist anymore due to low productivities, therefore ..... good bye M$.

Finally Ubuntu kicks into my life in for production work because .....

1. I'm lazy to configure anything manually

2. I need something that can create high productivities

3. I have no time

4. It works almost out of the box except suspend to memory which not my serious concern anyway

5. Mel aka Spoonfork burnt me the Ubuntu installation CD

For Ubuntu users, the laptop model is HP Compaq nx6320 and its weight around 2.8kg +. If you don't mind the weight and love big laptop with clear screen, this is definitely your choice, especially the battery can last 3++ hours or I should say around 4 hours.

Maybe next time I should try FreeBSD, OpenBSD or Gentoo but currently I'm quited pleased with the outcome and I'm on the road.

Enjoy ;]


Bill said...

I have another guide for the nx6320 which you can read here.

geek00l said...

hi bill,

Thanks ;]

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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HP 5500 toner said...
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MyAzhax said...

Yes, we used same model for freebsd i think it a little bit suck for acpi and irq error. demn!

if you got solution regarding this error for freebsd/openbsd please post up the info ;)

Fatah said...

I'm with hackintosh 9.6.0 vanilla on nx6320, but still stuck with bcm5788 extension. Any idea ?

AppleBCM5701Ethernet: ffffffff 669955aa CheckNVRam -- nvram does not start with magic constant

Will try to compare the binary with the Ubuntu's ethtool.

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