Thursday, February 14, 2008

HeX 1.0.3 Release

HeX System 1.0.3 is finally released, we call it CNY(Chinese New Year) release, in fact it is Valentine now. Here's the list of changes -

- pkg_info works after installation
- ping works without sudo
- procfs is correctly mounted on /proc at boot

1. NSM Console 0.6-DEVEL
- 'dump' command added, you can now dump packet payloads into a binary file for later analysis
- Significant speedups in the harimau module and 'checkip' command if wget is installed
- tcpxtract configuration file changed to extract more types of files
- Added foremost module
- Added clamscan module (Thanks JohnQPublic)
- Argus and tcptrace have reverse dns turned off by default now, it was causing the module to hang for extremely large pcap files. Can be switched on by changed the module options
- rot13 encoding and decoding added :)
- alias command
- urlescape (en|de)coding
- file existence check
- many other things
All the other enhancements, bugfixes and additions since the 0.2 release (there have been many!)

New Application Packages:
- xplot
- uni2ascii
- vnc
- vsftpd
- samplicator
- sflowtool
- pmacct
- ming
- ploticus
- tcpick
- bvi
- elinks
- feh
- tftpgrab
- arpwatch

- New wallpapers with different color schemes

Thanks to the whole HeX development team for continuous effort to make HeX possible! Download while it's hot now! On the other hand, download mirror and liveUSB will be up soon!

- liveCD ISO
- MD5 sum
- SHA256 sum

- liveCD ISO
- MD5 sum
- SHA256 sum

With the release of FreeBSD 7.0 RC2, we expect FreeBSD 7.0 Release is soon, therefore we are now moving to HeX 2.0 development completely.

Enjoy (;])


Anonymous said...

I'm checking out ploticus now... Is it possible to create a timeline of the phases of an attack by using ploticus to graph argus session data in Hex? I'd like to make an attack timeline similar to this

Anonymous said...

Well after a little experimenting I was able to modify that example timeline and manually create it. Thanks for including all of these programs in Hex!

Matthew Lee Hinman said...

Check out this link:

In HeX, create a symlink from /usr/local/bin/ploticus to /usr/local/bin/pl, then check out the "flowtime" command :)

Anonymous said...

Any idea why this happens on 1.0.3?

C.S.Lee(geek00L) said...

Hi anonymous,

When the time we release HeX 1.0.3, sguil 0.7 is not yet released, I will test sguil client 0.7 on HeX 1.0.3 and see if there's easy and quick way to run it.

Sguil client 0.7 will be inlcuded in HeX 2.0 which is in development now.