Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ubuntu: Daemonlogger

To install daemonlogger on Ubuntu 10.10, you can follow me here -

Install all the required dependencies -

shell>sudo apt-get install libpcap-dev libdumbnet1 libdumbnet-dev

As the libdnet files are renamed to dumb names, we need to create soft link for them so that daemonlogger can find them, otherwise you can install libdnet from source which I want to avoid here -

shell>cd /usr/lib

shell>sudo ln -s libdumbnet.a libdnet.a

shell>sudo ln -s

shell>sudo ln -s

shell>sudo ln -s

shell>sudo ln -s

shell>cd /usr/include/

shell>sudo ln -s dumbnet.h dnet.h

Install daemonlogger -

shell>wget -c

shell>tar xvzf daemonlogger-1.2.1.tar.gz

shell>cd daemonlogger-1.2.1



shell>sudo make install

There you go, now you have daemologger installed on Ubuntu and ready to capture packets.

Enjoy (;])


Anonymous said...

why not ' sudo apt-get install daemonlogger ' ?

Anonymous said...

Hi CS,
I am also a Malaysian and Ubuntu user. I am curious to know how many Ubuntu users in Malaysia or Penang? Do you have any active Ubuntu/FOSS community name in mind?