Friday, December 09, 2011

Time to Kill Bill

For all Malaysia IT people, do read this and spread out the words, it's time to kill Bill, what Bill? Computing Professionals Bill 2011!

Do read it in detail! Currently it is in drafting processing, thanks to my best pal - Mel to share this nonsense bill. By the way, if you have facebook, support this -

I will constantly update this post if there's any progress regarding the matter, voice out while you can regarding CPB2011 to the document below -

Mosti has put up their latest working draft which you can find here -

Please review it and make your voice loud and clear!

Some opinions from the individual who works in IT industry ;)


Follow the Tweets regarding CPB2011

Flip-flop, uncertainty?

Makes yourself certified criteria?

Mosti is just facilitator?

Role model of CPB 2011, seriously?

Interview of Malaysia Deputy Minister Of Science, Technology And Innovation, Datuk Fadillah Yusoft by Astro Awani, if only you know Malay Language -

From Tony Pua, member of Parliament -

While they can't define what is CNII properly during open meeting, now they want to include more sectors in this undefined crap? Seriously if the government sector has failed to deliver security all these years, that means PRISMA that was initiated to protect government ICT agency by our government is a big failure(so much money wasted and now this)? By the way if you read carefully at the last few paragraphs, you will notice "What we can do at CyberSecurity Malaysia is to continue to provide more training and capability building in cyber security, says CyberSecurity malaysia Chieft Executive Officer(CEO) Lt Col Prof Datuk Husin Jazri."

To me, that basically sounds like if this bill is passed, he can make big money by selling training and certification program, now we know who is really pushing this AGENDA at the back ;)

Discussion about CPB 2011 on BFM radio station -

The TeAM(The Technopreneuers Association Of Malaysia) objects to CPB 2011 -

Speak out loud, geeks!

No cheers this time, F it!


Anonymous said...

if you are aware of this issue, Cyber security Malaysia is the one who come up with this stupid idea.

Anonymous said...

Ask colonel Husain of CSM, he will know better about this.