Saturday, January 14, 2012

FreeBSD 9.0 Release is OUT!

If you haven't noticed yet, FreeBSD 9.0 Release is out, grab it while it is still hot. The announcement can be found at

You can check out the release note at -

I'm glad to see the driver improvement for network adapters especially intel based cards, and the netgraph ng_netflow supports NetFlow V9 export. Another interesting feature is usbdump which can be used to dump packets over usb controller. As always ipfw is improved in almost every FreeBSD release just like pf in OpenBSD. The FreeBSD team has also made a lot of improvement on file system wise. Finally we see new installer for FreeBSD ;)

With FreeBSD 9.0 Release is officially out, time to work on HeX 3!

Cheers ;]


CH Chong said...

i thought IPFW was dead

tuah_ said...

IPFW is not dead :-)