Sunday, August 06, 2006

Penang Open Source Community

Since there are many times I have been thinking of activating the Open Source Community in Penang State, Malaysia especially some of folks in MyOSS been asking about it as well. I would like to give it a kick, however it ain't enough with my sole efforts, I need helping hands and apparently surface is the right guy to help me out on this. If you are the guy who like to tinker with open source, or newcomers that would like to learn up one or two things about the open source thingy, feel free to send me email or ping me at freenode myoss channel. We would like to see more and more members that joining the community.

Currently we are looking for a place to organize the meetup, and apparently USM is the right place with young and energitic souls. However we also would like to see anybody who already have been using Open Source in the Industry to share thier experience or perhaps presenting topics regarding Open Source stuffs.

It's never been too late, I think with the Community based structure, we can push the OSS awareness to the next level.

Feel free to join us. Cheers :)


Addy said...

i didnt know that you are actually from penang! my hometown is in butterworth but doing my postgraduate in cyberjaya. i would love to join the club though i may not be able to attend the meeting at times.

geek00L said...


That's cool, I usually go to Cyberjaya as well where there's need for my job. Ring me when you back to Butterworth or maybe I can ring you when I'm in Cyberjaya.