Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ubuntu - Where is my traceroute?

I have the internet problem where I need to figure out, while my laptop is busy on something else, I was thinking of using my ubuntu box that I just upgraded to Dapper Drake to trace the network issue. I may need to clarify that while I had been long time user of ubuntu linux, I'm a serious noob on it where I only used it for movie and music(Entertainment Desktop). Let's see what I can do when I need to traceroute -

Command not found? I hope my typo is wrong but this is not the case, after talking to some folks, they told me that Ubuntu is meant for Desktop users where it doesn't need network debugging tools. Okay fine, let's notice what I have executed in the screenshot - traceroute6

Oh yeah, desktop users surely know how to configure IPv6, or else why traceroute6 is included while traceroute is not there. Now I even wondering what it is like when coming to user friendly(Even windows users know how to use tracert).

Ubuntu, another lovely linux desktop, sigh!

Peace :]


Anonymous said...

"the future is here"
- ubuntu

Anonymous said...

Several linux distros seem to be installing tracepath instead of traceroute these days - I believe ubuntu is one. I'm not really sure of the logic behind this - tracepath can do pmtu discovery, but lacks many of the other features of traceroute.

mypapit said...

my complain about ubuntu is it does not state clearly how to connect to broadband internet connection without resorting the user to ask the question in the forums and support places.

secondly, the deefault installation doesnt include a c compiler as it should.

bob said...

the debian boxes i use dont have it as well. as they say most users dont need it.


nothing should install a c compiler by default. that would be bad. especially on things like ubuntu where you are supposed to use the package system.

certainl;y production systems should never have a compiler installed.

mysurface said...

apt-get install traceroute

I able to get that installed. tracepath will be okay, isn't it?

Default should be optimal, if you are expert user, or you needs more, they assume you know how to figure it out :)

Else, that must be a reason why they have Canonical.

transzorp said...

Okay at the very least you should install apt-file. As it's a great little utility for finding which package contains the file you're looking for.

As to packaging traceroute or a C compiler by default, my response is eh. It's a quick apt-get install pkg.

Joe said...

I prefer my OS not make any assumptions about what I need and let me install what I want myself. I prefer to install what I need and only that...which results in less software to update.


apt-get install traceroute

should do the trick.

geek00L said...


And yes the traceroute6 is what you need?

Anyway I would already know that ubuntu is good at least for most of people out there. I have no problem with installing traceroute but I'm just feel odd about why the 6 is there by default while the old good one is not there.

By the way, cheers to all ubuntu users, I'm not making enemy with you guys :P

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I just installed traceroute on Dapper because tracepath absolutely sucks. It doesn't make it past the NAT server whereas traceroute has no problem with it. Geesh what a royal piece of crap. Oh, BTW, I had to install package "traceroute" to get it. Whoever thought tracepath was a good substitute for traceroute is a complete moron! Just my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

"I prefer my OS not make any assumptions about what I need and let me install what I want myself"

So it's ok to install ping by default but not traceroute?

Spoken like a true networking neophyte.

Let's see, I can't ping it, wonder where the problem is? Oh I know, I'll traceroute it! Oh wait! It's not installed!

Anonymous said...

Try mtr. "My traceroute". It is a full-screen traceroute tool that I like MUCH more than regular old traceroute, and it already comes with Ubuntu.
Good luck.

koma said...

u save my day dude, i did`n know either where traceroute is, i had freebsd before. mtr it`s great.

Jeff Martens said...

Thanks for this thread. Though I would've thought myself to install traceroute, I never would have guessed to try tracepath. Just the existence of this thread (and others like it) show that the Ubuntu team screwed up here: how much time are people wasting figuring out how to get traceroute?

Anonymous said...

use mtr instead

mtr combines the functionality of the traceroute and ping programs in a single network diagnostic tool.

WindowsSucks said...

Don't get mad at something because you don't know how to use it.

Ubuntu is a great distro you just need to learn how to use it.

tracepath (IP ADDRESS)

Trix said...

Thanks to the pointer to MTR - what an excellent tool. I just wish there was a way to stop/pause the ping while it's displaying.

As for the idiot who said "learn to use your distro", tracert/traceroute is a standard tool included with TCP/IP stacks, so it's not surprising when we get a bit shocked to not find it. Also, tracepath was mentioned, but people don't like its lack of functionality.0

Anonymous said...

Ubuntu 11.10 (at least) has mtr installed by default. Really nice!