Saturday, May 12, 2007

raWPacket Sig and .....

The site is not online yet but hopefully soon, I'm currently working with few guys to get this site up and running, the purpose of it is to create the signatures repository for "not so popular or well known" network security tools such as tcpxtract, pads and fl0p(this is the current three in my mind), and providing signatures update for them. Hopefully with this kind of effort we can increase the momentum of the tools usages.

When the site goes live, anyone are free to contribute the signatures and we won't overtake the signature ownership from you, credit is for sure.

If you have some inhouse signatures that you have written previously and they are not bounced to any legal restriction, I do wish you share it out with the community. All the signatures will be included into the raWPacket LiveCD so that any analyst can easily access to them and performing the analysis process directly.

It seems I'm trying to deliver full suite of utilities(LiveCD, Books) for network security analyst and yes I'm. I promise I will built the CD/DVD that contains pcap data from OpenPacket once it goes live too so that anyone is free to learn all the network data with the tools in the LiveCD and Network Security Analyzt Handbook as reference that comes along.

More to come but I'm tire now .....

Enjoy ;]


Joel Esler said...

What font is that in the logo? Or is it photoshopped?

GuTi said...

are you pushing me? wahahaha

I try to get it done this weekend, I have lots of work, damn those people who leave those stupid works to me...i mean, myself :)

geek00L said...

Hey Joel,

That's Generation Nth font where you can find here -

Fontfreak has a lot of cool fonts that available for both windows and mac OSX.