Monday, January 07, 2008

NSM Console: Screencast

We are trying to prepare couple of screencasts for HeX demonstration, unfortunately December is really bad month for productivity but slacking.

For dakrone's dedication to HeX system, I would like to make my first post in 2008 about the tool he has written for HeX - NSM Console.

NSM Console is great to glue all the network packet analysis tools. Aside from that, it provides the unified interface to run all the analysis tools, the standardization command line can help you to easily adapt to most of the tools easily while it also provides you flexible environment to run the tool with its own arguments and options natively. There are many tools that offering same functionality but doing it in different way, in that case you can write the module to combine all of them and just execute the module in one shot to produce more trustworthy result you want(you don't believe in one tool, do you). To cut it short, NSM Console provides supportive environment for people who like to poke with network packets.

This time, dakrone has brought you the first screencast of his tool - NSM Console, more details can be found at -

Feel free to enjoy the screencast and comment, and email either me or dakrone if you are interested in NSM Console development.

Enjoy (;])

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