Monday, December 31, 2007

500th Blog Post: Should I change my blog title?

Just recently when I visited certain websites, and I can't figure what are those sites about by just reading the title. I started to realize that my blog title doesn't make sense to a lot of people.

It is pretty odd when you read this title "When {Puffy} Meets ^RedDevil^" and you definitely have no clue at first glance. Since there are quite a few people asking why I name my blog title as it is now and I hate to repeat the explanation all over again, here's the short brief.

Puffy is OpenBSD mascot.

RedDevil is FreeBSD mascot.

Few years back when I first started learning *nix based Operating System which is RedHat Linux 6.2, but switching to OpenBSD quickly after I accidentally found it when looking for other distros. Since then OpenBSD becomes my favourite Operating System especially running it as router, firewall or IDS. I have tried to use OpenBSD as my desktop but figured that it lacks of application ports/packages that I need so I have to find the alternative and that's where FreeBSD kicks in and becoming the important OS platform for me. The time I started my blog was the time I addicted to BSD and I thought it would be cool to just name my blog title as "When {Puffy} Meets ^ReadDevil^". After all don't ask me why no penguin because my preference goes to BSD. I'm not anti-linux but I'm just more comfortable with BSD(just like you may like Windows but I'm not).

Later my friends told me that my blog is gearing towards network security instead of open source stuffs and why not just change my blog title to "Network Security Blog"? That may sound right to most people and making more sense, however I have my simple answer to this -

I won't change my blog title, it's been with me since 2005.

To everything, Happy New Year 2008!!!!!

Peace (;])

Thanks to whoever reading my blog, I know it sucks ..... but I just can't stop writing.


Gunblade IV said...

nice post!

it doesnt matter it sux or not, still give me a lot of infos

Anonymous said...

yea, really suck... lol
but i still read it :P

Anonymous said...

I thought Red Devil = Man Utd :))

My opinion? stick with it. I haven't plan to change mine :D

Anonymous said...

Dude , it will be the best by not changing your title. :P i've been reading ur blog for almost a year now. keep up the good work (Y)

Anonymous said...

now, you go for 1000th post right? hehe

Unknown said...

always know what is Red Devil but didn Expect puffy is OpenBSD... Always thot it is some mascot from some network analysis tool that u r using...

Anonymous said...

freebsd user.....