Saturday, December 01, 2007

HeX: Solution to Time Slowness in VMware Server

Thanks to my friend - Richard who has observed the time slowness when running FreeBSD on VMware. I don't really see it because the slowness(delay) is very minimal which scales like 10 minutes in 24 hours but I never run it for a day. I have only observed it after Richard reported this issue to me.

To me I think time is critical issue to network security analyzt(timelining, timestamping and etc), therefore I need to figure out the solution for this. I found there are two great posts which can be considered as solutions to the problem that are available here and there. You might as well read the comments in Richard's blog post too if you encounter the problem.

Here's the sum up for the solutions, put these two lines in /boot/loader.conf(if i recalled correctly, it is there by default in HeX).


Reboot your VM. However these two lines won't really solve your problem but minimal the time slowness. In order to run consistently with local time, you will have to install vmware tools, follow the instructions in the link above to get it done. Once you have finished the installation of vmware tools, you may find vmware-guestd running as daemon at the background. Now run -


VMware Tools properties configuration box will pop up, and you will see this in first tab -

Check on the option and click on close. Now you should shut down the VM and check your vmx file to see if this setting is there -

tools.syncTime = "TRUE"

If it is there(else add it manually), now you just need to boot the VM again and you are not supposed to encounter the time slowness problem anymore, it will follow the local time and sync(adjust) automatically. For your information, I have this done on VMware Server Console Version 1.0.4 build-56528. Feel free to try it out on VMware workstation.

Enjoy ;]

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