Friday, December 28, 2007

SANS: Christmas Packet Challenge

I was back from Singapore and still in holiday mood, yesterday while chatting to my friend ayoi, he told me that SANS Incident Handler(Lorna Hutcheson) has posted the Christmas Packet Challenge where you can find here -

To be honest, being lazy I'm, I don't take a look at first but again thinking that this might refresh my packetysis skill since I haven't really done that for a while. If any of you have spare time to kill, feel free to try it out.

I primarily use HeX 1.0.2 liveCD for this game. I'm not too sured if I finish the game but I have sent my write up to SANS Incident Handlers. Interestingly the email I sent is blocked by email filter. Check out the screenshot -

Being spammer I'm, I figure I have two urls in the email, one is -

The other one is my own blog url which resides in my email signature. I deleted both of the urls and tried to send the email again and finally the email got through. Sometime the false positive thing is really annoying.

I will post up my write up once the handler has posted the answer for the challenge.

Anyway it's end of the year, back to holiday mood again ..... zzZZZ

Cheers (;])

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Joel Esler said...

that's wierd, i don't think we run a barracuda spam firewall in front of our isc stuff