Thursday, May 29, 2008

Laptop: Alternatives For Security Road Warrior

Which laptop model are you using? This is my question today. I have been looking for laptop of choice for myself, as a security road warrior, I prefer it to be -

1. Lightweight(small/medium size and compact)

2. Black and solid look

3. Miminum 150G of Disk and 4G of Rams

4. Great keyboard touch build(old thinkpad?)

5. 12-14inch display

6. Good battery life

7. FreeBSD/Linux Compatible or I will use VMware/VirtualBox

Currently there are 3 laptop models I have in my mind -

1. Macbook Black

2. Thinkpad T61

3. Dell Xps m1330

What do you think and what's your favorite laptop if you work in security industry, and you need to travel frequently? I'm looking forward for any good suggestion and sharing. Thanks!

Peace ;]


msian_tux_lover said...

I run most of my task on Compaq nc2400. Good and nice and best of all quite light. I have tried with Ubuntu and Fedora and worked well.

Nothing to shout about in terms of multimedia but more than adequate to do most task.

Mel Mudin said...

Macbook Black - as for 4GB of RAM - my Macbook can handle 2 Windows 2000 Professional, 1 Windows 2003 Server, and 1 Linux, all in VMWare at the same time.

The best thing about Macbook? The operating system is built for the hardware and vice versa - so no more mucking around with configs and stuff.

Anonymous said...

I do most of my linux stuff on a cheap Acer Aspire 3680. It's gray and black, not heavy, cd-burner, 14" screen and only cost me $400 (although I added 1G of RAM after). I use it more than my macbook (black). Ubuntu installed on it with zero problems, everthing worked immediately. I am new to FreeBSD and just did a dualboot with it on the macbook. It's nice so far, but requires a ton of tweaks to get started.

MLH said...

If you do get a Mac, get a Macbook Pro, even though it isn't black, I still like it more than a regular Macbook

Joe said...

1st choice would be MacBook Pro with VMWare or Parallels.

2nd choice would be Lenovo Thinkpad.

fryshadow said...

Thinkpad T61 should be nice :) with 6 cell for batery for 4+ hours guarantee

Anonymous said...

Hey, my 'ol compaq machine -v3000 series (the one i use currently) is OK what but the battery sucks big time. Btw hopefully soon I can get my own macbook pro. :)

I think thinkpad or lenovo and perhaps the ones that the Dell claimed built tough...

Anonymous said...

If you are considering to get a MacBook, i would recommend -not- to take a pro. IMO the keyboard is not as nice and the whole aluminum casing feels much more delicate than the plastic alternative. I own both, so i know the difference very well ;P.

But yeah, get an Apple, by all means. You won't regret it ;^).

Anonymous said...

I love my Macbook. The "Pro" might be a little over kill and is bigger then you want. OsX is amazing for the basic daily stuff, add the power of VMware, and you have a great, solid platform for all of your work. I get amazing battery life out of my macbook, 5 hours or so per charge(basic usage like surfing the web and checking email)and you really cant beat the looks of the black MacBook.

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