Monday, May 26, 2008

Training: Practical Network Flow Analysis

This time, me and spoonfork will bring you our new and upcoming training which is -

Understanding Network Conversations:
Practical Network Flow Analysis

Here's the description of our training -

Network Flow data represents a summary of conversation between two end points. It provides valuable information to assist investigation and analysis of network and security issues. Unlike deep packet inspection, flow data does not rely on packet payloads. Instead the analyst relies on information gathered from packet headers and its associated metrics. This provides the analyst a neutral view of network traffic flow by tracking network sessions between multiple endpoints simultaneously. In addition, having network flow data will provide a better visibility of network events without having the need to perform payload analysis.

With the implementation and deployment of Network Flow technologies, an analyst can discover different types and classes of network activities, be it normal or abnormal. In this training we will show you how to interpret Network Flow data and perform practical Network Flow Analysis.

While high level theory explanations are extremely useful, hands-on exercises are even better. Each chapter is accompanied by practical hands-on exercises such as exporting network flow data from Unix and Cisco-based routers, performing simple operations such as IP accounting, network baselining, and identifying different kinds of network anomalies and attacks.

Who should attend?

Network Security Analyst
Network Administrator
ISP Network Architect
System Administrator


+ First 10 registrants get free seat for HITB Conference Kuala Lumpur in October 2008

+ Human Resources Development Fund(HRDF) Claimable

For more information, check it out at -

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ayoi said...

Hey, Love to attend that training but alas i dun think I can fork out USD 1.7K tho. Anyway nice subjects especially on argus