Saturday, August 16, 2008

FreeBSD: Bpfstat is in Netstat

My friend Richard(Taosecurity) has blogged about bpfstat here, and for now bpfstat is already ported as part of netstat in FreeBSD 7. You can run the netstat with -B option -

shell>netstat -B -I le0
Pid Netif Flags Recv Drop Match Sblen Hblen Command
820 le0 p--s--- 989344 0 958346 0 0 bro
761 le0 p--s--- 989444 0 989444 216 0 argus
754 le0 p--s--- 410 0 410 1392 0 ourmon
330 le0 -ifs--l 989458 0 440 0 0 dhclient

As you can see it is very useful when comes to monitor the libpcap based tools, however there's one feature I miss during the time I use bpfstat which is -i(interval of wait second to report). To simulate similar function, I have found a simple way by using infinite loops -

shell>z=1; while [ $z -eq 1 ]; do netstat -B -I le0; sleep 3; done

This way it will report every 3 seconds(sleep 3), and if you just want to monitor particular tools, use grep will do.

Cheers ;]

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