Wednesday, August 06, 2008

HeX 2.0 RC1 is now

After long time development, we have finally reached the stage where we are brave enough to release version 2 of HeX, Release Candidate 1. This is the first public version for HeX 2.0 and we hope that by releasing this, people who are interested in it can help testing out this version. I won't be mentioning the new features that we are adding to HeX 2 here as I will put up all the information once we reach the 2.0 Release instead of RC. For the moment, we need people to test all the applications that we have added, a lot of them can be accessed via fluxbox menu so please help in testing.

Currently there are few known problems -

- Netdude is broken
- Autopsy is broken(sleuthkit issue)
- Gvim is broken(font not available)
- Flowtag is broken(Looking for older version of tk while new one is installed)
- NSM Console(Snort module where wrong path is defined in snort configuration file)
- Silktools(Flowcap and Rwflowpack)
- Ragraph is broken
- Zsh is missing

Most of the issues are already fixed in the development repository, therefore don't report to us if you encounter similar problem in HeX 2.0 RC1. If you encounter any other issues, please do report to us via mailing list -

Anyway here's the HeX 2.0 RC1 iso -

Alternatively, you can download from US mirror -

Thanks to all the raWPacket members who have put the effort in HeX 2.0 development, you guys are walys rocking!

Enjoy (;])

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