Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bro 1.4: Eating Netflow

The new Bro can import NetFlow version 5 data now, if you are using HeX 2.0, you can test it quickly. Here's how you can test its new ability to work with NetFlow.

Using fprobe to export NetFlow version 5 data on network interface le0 to address and port 5555 -

shell>sudo fprobe -n 5 -f ip -i le0

Using bro to eat NetFlow data and log them to disk -

shell>sudo bro --netflow HeX netflow

You will find netflow.log in your $BROLOGS directory, and you can simply examine them with any text viewer.

I'm going to distribute bro-1.4 binary that works well with HeX so that people can try them out if they are interested in latest Bro offerings.

Enjoy (;])

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