Saturday, October 18, 2008

HITB 2008 and Our Technical Training

HackInTheBox Security Conference 2008 in Malaysia is around the corner, this time we are going to bring you triple tracks which will be running simultaneously at the same time and participants are allowed to join any track they like to. Plus we have great speakers line up.

The old and useless CTF organizing team will retire this time and be replaced by the new bloods, so we hope they are doing the best they can to get the game going. On the other hand, there will be OpenHack as usual. We also hope you are going to enjoy HITB Lab which will be running for the first time ever.

For the moment, me and spoonfork are updating our training materials, just like previous training, our training goes with the name "Structured Network Threat Analysis & Forensics". However we are changing strategy and bringing new stuffs. Besides Network Security Monitoring, we are going to focus more on Network Based Forensics and its challenges. We also include exercises so that participants can get the feel of it during the training session.

If you haven't registered yet, I think you should. You can check out the price of registration and it's real cheap. Don't miss the chance to learn about latest security issues, meet the world class security professionals and get to know local talents around!

Cheers ;]

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EinsamSoldat said...

Boss, RFID and Lockpicking is open to all conference attendee ?