Friday, August 13, 2010

4REN6 VM WalkThrough Guide

As promised in previous post, hereby I release the 4REN6 VM WalkThrough Guide, you can find how to install comprehensive list of forensics tools on Ubuntu 10.04, here's the link for the guide -

Currently you need an account to download it but no problem for quick read, I will upload this guide to my own server later so that you can download it freely(both pdf and odt format in case you want to edit). Maybe wiki is good way to go for documentation collaboration but right now I don't have any plan about it yet.

Feel free to comment and appreciate any valuable inputs! By the way I'm still looking for anyone who is willing to host the 4REN6 VM image.

Cheers (;])

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Home For 4REN6 VM

Yes I'm still working in IT industry and I'm not dead yet, right now I'm working on both tech and non-tech stuffs so this first paragraph is just ice breaking for me to say something.

I have Virtual Machine Image I have prepared for Digital Forensics Training, and I would like to release it, it has the name - 4REN6 but it doesn't has a home now, the size of the VM is 2.6G so if any of you is interested to host the image, please do contact me via


Please make sure you send to my email correctly as geek zero zero L and not o o L as there are couple of people tried to send me email but fail to do so, I'm sorry about that but I can do nothing about it.

Don't ask me why I'm doing this while there are similar stuffs such as SIFT, Helix, PlainSight or some I may not know, the main reason being I just want to have exercise and to confirm all the stuffs I work on really working, bear in mind I'm doing this alone so please don't shout at me if it breaks. On the other hand, I will release the documentation of how to install everything you need to make forensic desktop using Ubuntu since I have already taken all the notes during the making of this VM and it's just matter of putting them together.

Some sneak peaks -

By the way the wallpaper is designed by myself so it is not really a slick wallpaper we used to have in HeX.

Last but not least, I would like to thank to my blog readers who have encouraged me to continue my blog again, and some other friends along the line. I think this is right thing to do.

Cheers (;])