Thursday, September 22, 2005

~FreeBSD Sguil Client~

I have tried to install sguil client using FreeBSD Sguil installation guide and it seems the itcl(incrtcl) part keeps giving me error when compiling from source. After all I decide to install itcl(incrtcl) from port as well as iwidgets, however sguil client giving me this error(segmentation fault) while I launch it. It seems the tclX that I installed using freebsd port causing the problem. Then I decide to install tclX from source and finally sguil client launching without problem. It's been a while to get it working and finally it does ...... below are the screenshots of how sguil client looks like in my FreeBSD workstation. For people who don't know what is sguil client, check this out.


ViralNews said...
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Nadia Smith said...

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully you still monitor these comments (this post is only 2 years old), I'll try to find another way to contact you after I post this.

I'm having a similar problem as you except I'm on a Debian platform.

I have installed tcl8.3, tcl8.3-dev, tclx8.3, and tclx8.3 along with iwigets and various other Debian packages.

When I try to run the client, it segfaults. I'm still researching how to troubleshoot this, but I wanted to know how you determined it was your tclx package?

To follow along with you, I uninstalled tclx8.3 and tclx8.3-dev and downloaded the tclx8.3 source. However, I can't get it installed due to a ./configure error. If you're in a troubleshooting mode, this is the error I'm getting:

line 5014: syntax error near unexpected token `('

./configure: line 5014: ` case `ac_space' '; set | grep ac_space) 2>&1` in'

So I'm stuck. If my problem is similar to yours, then I'm stuck until I can get tclx working.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Anonymous said...

I finally fixed the problem.

You can find the bug report and fix here: