Sunday, September 25, 2005

- Non-Stop Testing Day -

Oops, I have been disconnected from streamyx, okay this time not the problem of TMnut, but rather problem of phone line, then we tried to call telekong to fix the problem and they said they will gonna charge over hundred Malaysia ringgit, isn't it sounds ridiculous as this is supposed to be under their responsibility and we need to pay for 'em'. No wonder they are getting big and rich.........argh.

Without internet connection, I started to test some stuffs :). Having Compaq laptop Presario X1000 in hand, I loaded up ubuntu CD and installed on top of it, everything goes smoothly and TADA......all devices working out of the box. If anyone want to buy a linux-compatible notebook, guess you can go for this one, however it is quite old model as you would only see them in refurbished store.

Then I tried to work on Fail Over Firewall setup, everything goes smoothly but I was kinda tiring and start to have symptoms of braindead ........ it's now 5 am morning, time to sleep ...zzzZZZZZzzzZZZZZ......................... stress testing TOMORROW !!!!!

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