Wednesday, September 28, 2005

HITB Conference 2005

Today is the first day of HITB Conference, I can't say much about it as it is not ended yet, however this year seems not as crowded as last year, I'm not assured as I never count on it.

All the speakers are kinda cool as they are experts of their field and I have nothing to comment about it. But I heard that people was asking why there's no lunch even and only provide tea time, I'm fine with it but seems that they was thinking that taking lunch outside is kinda troublesome.

Anyway I came with 3 of my collegues and having fun in the conference, meeting Prabu, Filex, Alphaque, two guys from myoss meetup who never show up in irc junky talk channel and my friends as well. However I couldn't get to meet toxicle.

Finally I see Joanna, the girl I adore for so long, just kidding, actually I have been reading her blog site for quite sometimes as it is kinda impressive. She looks more cool than I can imagine :P.

Let's see what turns out for the second day of HITB Conf!

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