Friday, September 08, 2006

! Computer

Having sticking with computer too much, I come to realize I need sports. Apparently it is not healthy to sit in front of computers without experience other activities. Today I decide to do swimming, and yes I decide to do it maybe twice a week because it is refreshing me, especially now I'm kind of braindead. Sport is helping, especially when you are stucked with computer too much.

By the way I may buy basketball as well, been a while I haven't played basketball and I need the sound - sop!

Let's kick ass without computing, cheers!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Swimming is good, so is biking. I bet golf or scuba diving is nice in your area.

Anonymous said...

hey i wanna play basketball too!

Anonymous said...

Yes! More sport!

Anonymous said...


You might been (kicked) from geek club activities because of you are getting away more from your computer (!) :P

C.S.Lee said...


Welcome to the Swimming and Basketball Club :P


Ask toxicle to organize basketball game :)


Never do golfing or scuba diving, it should be pretty fun.

Planet Malaysia,

For you - More sport, less geeking too.

To all,

Have fun!!!!!