Friday, September 08, 2006

! Computer

Having sticking with computer too much, I come to realize I need sports. Apparently it is not healthy to sit in front of computers without experience other activities. Today I decide to do swimming, and yes I decide to do it maybe twice a week because it is refreshing me, especially now I'm kind of braindead. Sport is helping, especially when you are stucked with computer too much.

By the way I may buy basketball as well, been a while I haven't played basketball and I need the sound - sop!

Let's kick ass without computing, cheers!!!!!


Joe said...

Swimming is good, so is biking. I bet golf or scuba diving is nice in your area.

kris said...

hey i wanna play basketball too!

Planet Malaysia said...

Yes! More sport!

Anonymous said...


You might been (kicked) from geek club activities because of you are getting away more from your computer (!) :P

geek00L said...


Welcome to the Swimming and Basketball Club :P


Ask toxicle to organize basketball game :)


Never do golfing or scuba diving, it should be pretty fun.

Planet Malaysia,

For you - More sport, less geeking too.

To all,

Have fun!!!!!