Monday, September 11, 2006

TCPstat - Report your NIC statistic

Just come across this network interface statistic reporting tool, while most of the tools just offer links accounting, this tools can do protocol breakdown on the fly. The default mode of tcpstat reports

shell>tcpstat -i fxp0
Time:1157911172 n=7049 avg=607.08 stddev=659.37 bps=6846924.80
Time:1157911177 n=6614 avg=632.79 stddev=668.06 bps=6696438.40
Time:1157911182 n=7242 avg=648.16 stddev=677.81 bps=7510414.40
Time:1157911187 n=6533 avg=555.01 stddev=651.15 bps=5801387.20
Time:1157911192 n=1417 avg=588.38 stddev=659.08 bps=1333964.80

You can tweak the output format to display per protocol basis,

shell>tcpstat -i fxp0 -o "TotalPackets\=%n\ ARP\=%A\ IP\=%I\ ICMP\=%C\ TCP\=%T\ UDP\=%U\n"
TotalPackets=6482 ARP=10 IP=6466 ICMP=37 TCP=5858 UDP=570
TotalPackets=5423 ARP=13 IP=5406 ICMP=33 TCP=4710 UDP=662
TotalPackets=6288 ARP=18 IP=6261 ICMP=36 TCP=5462 UDP=762
TotalPackets=6271 ARP=11 IP=6256 ICMP=37 TCP=5451 UDP=767
TotalPackets=6466 ARP=12 IP=6449 ICMP=34 TCP=5669 UDP=744
TotalPackets=6909 ARP=6 IP=6898 ICMP=42 TCP=6197 UDP=658
TotalPackets=6530 ARP=13 IP=6512 ICMP=43 TCP=5824 UDP=644
TotalPackets=6629 ARP=7 IP=6617 ICMP=42 TCP=5805 UDP=769
TotalPackets=7382 ARP=8 IP=7367 ICMP=44 TCP=6448 UDP=874
TotalPackets=5904 ARP=9 IP=5891 ICMP=42 TCP=5128 UDP=720
TotalPackets=5991 ARP=8 IP=5977 ICMP=35 TCP=5140 UDP=801
TotalPackets=5959 ARP=10 IP=5945 ICMP=41 TCP=5195 UDP=708
TotalPackets=5439 ARP=8 IP=5425 ICMP=34 TCP=4880 UDP=510

By the way, this tools support BPF expression filtering, neat!

Enjoy ;]

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