Saturday, September 30, 2006

PgOSS Meetup

This is the first official meetup for Penang Open Source Software Meetup, you can find the initial meetup announcement @t

The meetup is over, I know many of you are looking for me in the meetup since I'm one of organizer, however I were not be able to attend the meetup due to some personal issue, fortunately there are aizat and surface who are willing to help, aizat was down from Kuala Lumpur to Penang and I'm glad that he makes his way here :)

Anyway thanks to everyone that coming to the meetup, especially Dr. Dhanesh who has helped organizing the meetup.

I hope that we can organize the meetup again next month and looking forward to see everyone in the meetup if possible. For more information regarding the meetup, I think aizat and surface will blog the wrap-up.

This is not a hardcore OSS meetup, and PgOSS guys have captured the scene to share and you can download it via

Have fun with OSS!!!!!

Cheers :]

P/S: For whoever think I'm coming, I'm cheating for good intention :P

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