Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Crime Detections

While watching news on TV yesterday night, I were surprised that our police enforcement don't have computer system that keeping track of criminal activities. With this kind of criteria, I'm wondering how our security is guaranteed in such a way, the criminal profiling is handled in very inefficient ways which is decentralized and by each branches in different locations.

And now only they come to realized that they need to have centralized management and start to build the database system, this can be considered as good new since it is never too late to do it while other countries have this kind of system ages ago.

I think with this kind of system, the correlations can be done and it is time saver as well since each branches doesn't have to take much times to query the records and profiles of criminals. The information sharing within each branches will help and all the police stations are now merged into empowered body even they are all separated physically.

They should be sharp in crime detections with this kind of deployment. By the way I'm wondering when the system will be completely built while the project is started on December of this year if I'm not mistaken.

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