Friday, October 20, 2006

OpenBSD Sguil Port

Nikns has submitted his OpenBSD Sguil ports, if you happen to deploy sguil on OpenBSD platform, give it a try and test, test and test so that Nikns can get it into OpenBSD ports tree and produces better and stable sguil port since it relies on many other applications as well where Nikns has ported. It should be working on OpenBSD 4.0 or Current.

The detail is here.

I'm currently installing OpenBSD using snapshot just to test the port, hopefully I can produce feedback when possible.

Thanks Nikns for his effort to create OpenBSD Sguil Port, Ch33rs!!!!!

Enjoy :]


Anonymous said...

Great !!! I'm still waiting for FreeBSD port...

nikns said...

yeah, and give lot of feedback on ports@ if you want it see in 4.1. Anyway, i will build 4.0 packages for easy sguil installation.