Tuesday, October 17, 2006


After digging all the possible content filtering solutions, I decided to give dansguardian a try, the interesting part of dansguardian is that it plays well with other open source applications such as clamAV and squid proxy, by integrating these two applications into dansguardian, you can easily setup your proxy with AntiVirus filtering and deploying powerful access control list to tighten your network access. Since most of the desktop users are not aware of network threats, this can serve as the platform to minimize the risk and saving users from the bad day.

Since I used to write lots of technical stuffs on my blog, however for this setup, I decide to write more comprehensive guide and put it up online to share with everyone, it does take some times to figure out most of the things and I seriously thank to chflags who has offered his much helps and times. Big credits to him and I really appreciated for the knowledge sharing from him.

For people who are interested on setting this up, you can download the guide at


Any inputs and comments are welcomed, I hope you find it useful.

P/S: The setup is on FreeBSD platform, it shouldn't be vary too much from OpenBSD platform except for the dansguardian installation part where you will have to install from source on OpenBSD.

Enjoy (;])


Anonymous said...

Not bad, I use dansguardian+squid in my office too. But just I am running a Debian GNU/Linux box. Hehe...
Anyway, my laptop is running FreeBSD. Cool. :-p

Anonymous said...

OpenBSD version http://www.kernel-panic.it/openbsd/proxy/

Squid + SquidGuard + AdZapper + SquidCalmAV :)

die_unfree_licenses said...

you should mentioned that this dansguardian is licensed under restrictive license, this is not even gpl.
that clamav thing is only useful in this dansguardian.
infact, there is HAVP which can be alternative.

Alan said...


the site you posted the manual isn't working anymore, is it still possible to get?

Bye, Alan

Anonymous said...

http://dissectible.org/ does not exist anymore?

chfl4gs_ said...