Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Working as sysadmin means that you will have to watch your puter screen most of the time, thus it is good to setup prefferable working environment. While you can't change your office layout, I'm sure you can change your screenie which don't kill. Most of my friends know that I prefer simple and slick style over anything, and I can't resist to show off my Fluxbox screenshot - it is too sexy to be true and serves as perfect workspace at least for me.

Thanks to tenner for his fluxbox style - litebox, you always rox!

Cheers ;)

P/S: Please learn to appreciate beautiful things :P


mysurface said...

Wow! The wallpaper is so plain! I like it! Put your girl friend on the desktop wall some other day ya!

ah`kin said...

wah. this pic i like :P

the best pic i ever see before