Thursday, December 07, 2006

Penang ICT Week

I will be going to the Third Event of Penang ICT Week which is Secure Penang that will be held on 8th of December(Tomorrow), so it would be great if any of you are going to the event and we can most properly talked more about the Network Security Scene in Malaysia. There will be Scan Associate and Niser guys around so I hope to see some familiar faces there.

You can find the event detail here.

Anyway ping me if you are going.

Cheers :]


Kris Khaira said...

Hey man, I probably won't go for this because I might be working, but I've added that event here to give it more publicity.

ah`kin said...

aiyo, i just read ur blog.. very bad.. else ride motor i also join :( hard to see penang got such event.
do u have any presentation on this event ?