Sunday, December 24, 2006

Pro OpenSSH

I have finished reading it while going to Border Book Store with the infamous Seymour at Queensbay. While I'm not a book reviewer, but I would like to recommend this book to anyone especially system administrators who use ssh in their daily administration task.

The book is written by Michael Stahnke. At first glance of this book, I thought it might be the book for people who want to understand about ssh protocols in depth(Pro OpenSSH), however I'm totally wrong, this book is not about the protocol itself but more of practical implementation and deployment of OpenSSH services. The book itself is not for OpenSSH power users only, but it introduces OpenSSH from basic to advance topics so that anyone can pick up OpenSSH quickly. The explanation of each OpenSSH options is not just man page kind only but rather showing various useful examples that can improve your ssh experience. It also introduces many usages of ssh management tools such as ssh-agent and so forth.

The automated task via ssh plus shell scripting also comes into handy, people can find it effective working in ssh environment since many administration jobs can be automated as long as you know the tricks with creativity.

The last chapter demonstrates ssh clients on different OS platforms(if I'm not forgotten), this may help people who want to learn how to use ssh on Windows Platform. It also guides you on how to install and run Windows SSH server. This is pretty neat when you need secure remote access to Windows Server without using other crappy services.

Overall the book is good, but actually I'm looking for kind of book which explains ssh protocols breakdown analysis to sharpen my skill. Again I seriously recommend this book to system administrators who work in *nixes environment. Book like this can be very useful for people who need to practice it in time.

Enjoy :]

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