Friday, February 16, 2007

Gentoo is NOW

I'm switching to Gentoo Linux, but that's only my workstation(laptop), I have never thought that I will be using Gentoo but things happened where I unable to get FreeBSD 6.2 installed on my lappy thus I'm switching to use Linux, interestingly I unable to boot into Ubuntu OS as well when using the installation CD. After all I decided to give Gentoo a tried and installation is done without much issues. It seems that Gentoo is very flexible and suits my need. However I will be still using BSD for my router and server when possible.Here's my first screenshot of my Gentoo analyzt workstation.

Seriously I need to thank to Mel because he has offered many helps in the process of learning Gentoo, I'm very satisfied with this distro at the moment and application maintenance can be done easily once one understand how Gentoo portage works. Swicthing from BSD to Linux now and I will start to test Linux L7-Filter, ipp2p, snort-inline and other network security applications.

Now I guess Red Devil, Puffy and Gentoo are meeting each others, what should I say?

~When BSD meets Linux~

Cheers ;]


chfl4gs_ said...

Ricer fanboi is NOW. :p LOL

adli said...

Welcome to the "linux on desktop/notebook club'. Anything to get the work done hehe.

Gentoo rocks :-)

- adli