Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Windows Vista?

I'm switching my laptop Operating System, yes, it's not Windows Vista anyway. However here I would like to show you the upcoming greatest OS -

Please READ the description carefully!!!!!

With the specific hardware requirements, the most low end is great for -

Booting the Operating System, without running applications or games.

Do you call this GREAT?????

I'm idle for quite sometimes, I will be writing more posts when I have time. By the way, Happy Chinese New Year and Holidays to everyone around the world.

Enjoy :]


ayoi said...

For all the eye-candies in Vista, I think it suits for those who dun have anything better to do, lazy asses, NATO (No action talk only) ppl as they can sit all day watching those additional, graphical loaded addons (perhaps the solitaire will have a nice interface-3D perhaps?). For these people, no need other application maaa ;P

P/s: Gong Xi Fa Chai 2 U

Anonymous said...

Sorry for posting this here but i didnt have your email address. I remember you mentioning in your blog some tools for reconstructing files by capturing packets on the network. Care to point me in the right direction

geek00L said...


Yeah, actually there are many tools that can do that, you can use tcpflow or tcpxtract,below are from some of blog collections -

By the way my email is pretty easy to guess - geek00L gmail.

Have fun :]