Thursday, February 01, 2007

FreeBSD Snort-2.7 Beta1

If you want to try out Snort 2.7 Beta 1 on FreeBSD 6.2, here's the straight forward installation process -

shell>pkg_add -vr libdnet

shell>pkg_add -vr libnet10

shell>./configure --enable-stream4udp \
--enable-dynamicplugin --enable-timestats \
--enable-perfprofiling --enable-flexresp2 \
--enable-react --enable-gre \
--prefix=/usr/local/stow/snort-2.7b1 \
--with-dnet-includes=/usr/local/include \

shell>make && make install

As usual I always install all the testing applications under /usr/local/stow so that I can make use of stow for software management. The demo server will run snort beta for testing purpose.

Peace ;]

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