Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sguil Cutting Edge

Okay, finally it is up. I'm talking about Sguil Demo Server. This demo server is running sguil CVS, I'm putting this up so that everyone can check out the latest features that are in development cycle.

The demo server detail is shown below:

Port: 7734
Username: sguil
Password: leave it blank

Since this is just for anonymous login, thus I didn't put up the password. I have very poor internet link(thanks to my wonderful ISP) so if any of you have problem or delay in connecting to demo server, please be patient. By the way, you may need to use sguil client in CVS as well in order to conenct to the demo server. If you are on *nixes platform, just run -

shell>cvs checkout sguil

You don't need to install anything else if you already have all the dependencies for sguil client installed before, just run under client directory will do. If you are using Ubuntu Linux, here's how-to get sguil client installed in painless way. Have fun.

Enjoy (;])


Anonymous said...

I'm in but there is no events on ninja sensor.

geek00L said...


Yeah, I will generate the events when possible.