Monday, January 08, 2007

Blog tagged

My blog is tagged, becoming victim is not so bad sometimes.

Somehow people don't know me enough, 5 things I need to clarify here -

1. I'm neither from military or education lines, either me or my teachers totally suck when I was in school. In fact I'm self-learner, I learn most of the things from google and yes, some from people I know.

2. No one is total geek or nerd, there must be something you do besides computing. I do swimming and some basketballing, it refreshes me most of the time when my brain is nearly dead. By the way if you find yourself hating geeks so much, please love yourself. Popular quote from my friend - "You hate what you are!"

3. I ain't vampire, I do sleep, but when? I can't even tell myself, be it.

4. I love no war.

5. .....

Unfortunately, I don't do tag.

Cheers ;]

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