Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Bit torrent Clients

I remember I have shown some user applications that I used daily, so here's the new post about one of applications I use on my desktop(not workstation).

Which bit torrent client do you use? I have been asked by many people and seeing this question been asked in various forum. When comes to Windows OS platform, people tend to use either utorrent or bitcomet. So what do we have in oss arsenal?

All I hear are azureus or bit tornado.

I don't really like any of the above, in fact I use ktorrent.

I know user base application is always about preferences, I myself love applications that are simple, slick and with clean ui design. The other best features about ktorrent are it supports encryption and doesn't consume much of your CPU or MEM resources.

Here are the Ktorrent screemshots -

In fact when I checked out all the peers that are connected, it seems that none of them are using ktorrent but other popular torrent clients. Try out ktorrent, I bet you will love it.

Enjoy :]


Anonymous said...

yes, ktorrent is much much better.

Anonymous said...

im using btcurses, it does what i need to do on this client, so its cool :D:D

fakapster said...

azureus consumes too much memory

Anonymous said...

I use the standard console/curses client from OpenBSD ports/packages on a daily basis. It is very stable and doesn't consume a lot of resources. I recently made a port of 'btpd' wich is another console client with a "daemon" aproach of handling torrents.


Anonymous said...

ubuntu is for n00bs!!!... :P

Anonymous said...

I have been using FluxBox, can i install ktorrent on my fluxbox ??


C.S.Lee said...


Why not, there's nothing wrong with it.