Wednesday, January 17, 2007

FreeBSD 6.2 Released

I just got this toy, it's pretty cool as it can be resized when you want it. So i'm still looking for another toy, most probably puffy but hardly find a good one. Now RedDevil is alone and he needs his buddy - puffy to totally match my blog title. So what's new? Yes, FreeBSD 6.2 R is finally here, check out the download mirrors and pick up any that do well for you.

To navigate what's new and all the changes, you can find the release note at

I'm looking at this interesting feature that added to this release -

The enc(4) IPsec filtering pseudo-device has been added. It allows firewall packages using the pfil(9) framework to examine (and filter) IPsec traffic before outbound encryption and after inbound decryption.

This is pretty neat when one need to snoop on vpn connection that provides visible view for monitoring devices.

Time to upgrade when possible!!!!!

Enjoy ;]

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Anonymous said...

There is a plush puffy available on OpenBSD's European online store: