Friday, October 07, 2005

Ubuntu Linux Sguil-Client - the quick and easy

Ubuntu Linux is now gaining more and more popularities and I have been asked whether deploying sguil sensor on Ubuntu Linux is easy, however since I have got no time to try it out yet, previously I have given sguil-client a shoot since I have it installed as desktop in one of my machine. Wondefully, it is so easy to get it working ......

Tcl8.4 and Tk8.4 is already installed by default when you install Ubuntu Linux as desktop instead of base installation, therefore we just install other sources that needed by sguil-client. Here we go

shell>sudo apt-get install tcltls
shell>sudo apt-get install tcllib
shell>sudo apt-get install tclx8.4
shell>sudo apt-get install iwidgets4

The itcl3 and itk3 will be installed while you fetching and installing iwidgets4, so now we already have all the dependencies, we can start downloading the sguil client.


Just untar it and you will find there's a in the client directory. You can either double click the file or just run and you will have sguil analyst console popping up :)

Remember to edit the path in sguil.conf and you are good to go.

set BROWSER_PATH /usr/bin/firefox
set ETHEREAL_PATH /usr/bin/ethereal



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