Monday, October 24, 2005

In response to linuxlah tips

How to login to multiple servers on one-go using mrxvt?

Most prolly you can find the answer in his recent blog, the tip is nice as I myself using mrxvt for my daily task. However for the part of which you will have multiple tab with the same name might be annoying and you have to either rename it manually or use the perl script workaround by linuxlah.

You can actually use the command below to overcome it :)

shell>mrxvt -vt0.tabTitle m0b -vt0.e 'ssh root@ -p 22' -vt1.tabTitle tri -vt1.e 'ssh root@ -p 22' vt2.tabTitle tro -vt2.e 'ssh root@ -p 22' -tnum3 -bg black

That's how it looks like :)

Hopefully it helps!

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Mohd Jeffry said...

why don't you tell me earlier? ;)