Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Netgear WG311T

I have bought the Netgear WG311T Wireless pci adapter, it comes with atheros chipset. So I just plug it into my pfsense(FreeBSD 6.0 kernel) box and automagically it detects it as ath0. Thanks to Kaeru from myoss introducing me this adapter.

Now I just configure it as my Wireless AP and I'm on the run :)

Whoever likes D-link product, you can buy this model which is using atheros chipset too, dwl-G520.

Netgear and D-link doesn't pay me for advertisement, I just mentionned here to help anyone who want to buy valuable wireless products which work well with OSS.

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biniar said...

Thanks for the info, I found your site using a Google search. :)