Wednesday, October 19, 2005


For people who don't know what is MMORPG, let me explain a bit, MMORPG is so called Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game that enables thousands or perhaps millions of players to play in an evolving virtual world at the same time over the Internet, refer to wikipedia. So what is MMWRPG, this term you can't find it in wikipedia and only in my dictionary, MMWRPG that defined by me is Massive Multi Worm Online RPG. For people who don't know what is RPG, RPG is actually a self-adventurer type of game in few years back, however with MMORPG, no longer it is self-adventurer but you are allowed to know my people, friends in a virtual world instead of playing solely. Interactive is human's nature, therefore more and more people become adaptive to the MMORPG.

You might think I'm crazy to say things like this since it may not happen in the future, however this is just my prediction, of which I have certain points that make me believe that MMORPG will be the main target of trojan/worm writers. Based on my study, I found out what I feel convincing.

1. Most of the gamers pro in gaming, know nothing about computer science, they are easy to be tricked.

2. Worm is about spreading, MMORPG is massive, doesn't it sound so close?

3. Most of the games are natively supporting windows, that is easy target, writing worm/trojan/viruses for windows application is much more easy.

4. More and more players trading items in the MMORPG, talk about trading heh, I want your credit card info.

5. Nuff said, they are all online, and online most of the times, it would be good to have such supportive bots.

There are more to say about it. I have seen lots immature scenes that those bad guy written a trojanned version of games, support applications that stealing game accounts which is not so serius yet. However with recent noticed of bot spreading words in warcraft channel regarding interesting(malicious) link. We will soon seeing more and more mature worms mitigation in gaming world of which stealing your personal info, cookies, credit card and so on. The massive worms will start their journey of adventure in gaming world. Beware!

~Welcome to the Age of MMWRPG~