Wednesday, October 26, 2005

RPPPOE - The Penguin PPPOE client

If you are novice user like me and just use your linux box as desktop, there's nothing much to do with hardcore techie stuffs, all we want is simplicity and user friendliness. Here I will show you a little tool to dial your ADSL pppoe connection(Streamyx in MY). Using RPPPOE, you can just easily dialing DSL connection like what you normally do in windows XP.

Just type in the necessary info ... and click on start button ... and you are done.

This client is good enough to show the upstream and downstream :)

This tool is available in freebsd port as well, however I have never tried it yet on that platform. Hopefully I able to show more and more applications that works well for normal users in my future blog. Enjoy the internet connection, cheers :-)

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