Sunday, October 09, 2005

Snort + Nessus News

Sourcefire, the company founded by Marty Roesch(Snort's father) was acquired by Checkpoint. However Snort's license will be still remained as GPLed, Checkpoint claims that they will continue supporting the Snort Community, and I'm not really sured about how they define "support" in this case. I'm still happy with this case as long as snort remain it's open source status.

Here comes the bad news, Nessus v3 goes close source, so we no longer have access to Nessus source code. But it will be distributed in binary form and trying to support as many OS platforms as possible.

Will more and more open source projects go commercial after they are well established? I do think it might be the trend in the future where you will see more and more open source projects get into the world of commercial.

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