Friday, October 26, 2007

HeX 1.0.1 Release

Yes, we thought we could have stopped the development of HeX after 1.0R but we were wrong, we have encountered the boot issue with HeX on certain hardware and also on vmware when mounting the CD. Me and chfl4gs_ have tried to track down the problem and it seems that the problem is caused by the data that need to be copied from CD to memory in order to mount it using mfs( the /var which is about 32Mb). This IO process has caused the liveCD can't boot properly in certain machines and finally we find the workaround.

Another problem that we have encountered is the msfweb not loading properly, and after trying out the ntop and darkstat, we figure even if we enable java script in the firefox browser, it still didn't seem to show the graph in the browser and we tried to delete ~/.mozill/firefox and use the global configuration for firefox instead. With that we solved msfweb problem too(in fact it is caused by browser oddness).

With all the problems solved now, we are shamelessly releasing HeX 1.0.1 which is more shiny as the boot up performance is much improved and most of the hardcore issue which we can't fix is most properly gone now. Please try out the new release and as usual if you have problem, make use of the HeX trac, mailing list or even join the IRC freenode rawpacket channel will do. Anyway here's the download links -

- HeX 1.0.1 Release ISO

- HeX 1.0.1 Release MD5

- HeX 1.0.1 Release SHA256

Enjoy (;])

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