Tuesday, October 02, 2007

HeX liveCD: Pre 1.0R

Nothing much happens, but we are making progress bit by bit. We are currently testing the private version of HeX to make sure everything in HeX working properly.

As for today, we decide to release the last build of HeX before the major version 1.0 Release. Feel free to join our mailing list as the initial announcement is there.

Here's the announcement from chfl4gs -

geek00L and I are proud to present latest build of Hex for group peer review. My apology for not making this post possible earlier and circulation of versions of Hex for wouldn't be merely between two of us.

Here you can grab the iso for testing.


Some of the known issue i.e. msfweb shows "Application Error" without error : RubyOnRails related memory handling issue. msfweb runs fine if you allocate more memory. 256MB on qemu is not sufficient for msfweb.

This version is a major bug fix release and we planned to go for 1.0-R if everything else is stable and functional. As usual, feedback, both good and bad, are most welcome. Please post to this group if you have any questions/bug reports/fix to share.

Thank You.

Yes, most of the bugs that we have found and reported are fixed, and we even tested all the Network Security Monitoring based tools and it goes well.

One of the script I have added is NBF-Offline.sh where you can find under ~/rp-NSM directory, it is Network Based Forensics automation script to assist analyzt to perform network data carving. Most of the stuffs in HeXtra are already merged to it as well, except the argus 3 and NSM-Offline.sh, which we have thought of adding to the 1.0R.

In order to summarize the Objective of our liveCD, we are actually trying to develop the first and foremost Network Security Monitoring & Network Based Forensics Centric liveCD. Therefore we welcome all the practitioners to try it out!!!!!

Enjoy ;]

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