Thursday, October 18, 2007

HeX liveCD: 1.0 Release

After six months of heavy developments, HeX development team is proud to present you the first and foremost Network Security Monitoring & Network Based Forensics Centric liveCD - HeX version 1.0 Release.

- Big Shout to chfl4gs_, thanks for everything
- Shout to pauls, thanks for all the ports
- Shout to guti, our web master
- Shout to vickz, our graphic designer
- Shout to tenner, thanks for your Fluxbox styles
- Shout to enhancer, mirror mirror on the net
- Shout to hol, thanks for the writeup editing
- Shout to spoonfork, thanks for your input
- Shout to whoever uses it and the feedbacks/suggestions

Great works to all the members in the team and thanks for the feedbacks. Inline with the 1.0 Release, we have also printed total 50 copies of CD labels(15 peace monkey and 35 fierce monkey) to be distributed. Here are the samples -

We will stop the development of HeX after 1.0 release, and only release bug fix version if any major bug found. We need some rest now, the next development cycle will be started again after FreeBSD 7.0 Released. We are currently planning for next project which will be announced soon.

For more details, check out its own page here -

May the force be with you!

Enjoy (;])


Irwan said...


Niresh said...

Congrates :) Can I get one of the fierce monkey cover? ;)

Anonymous said...

Downloading now, thanks for your work!

Anonymous said...

tested on VMware 6.0.2.

Cd is great, I found only one "bug", Silktools menu in NSM-Toolkit/Session/Silktools.

Anonymous said...

This is going to help me a lot with learning NSM tools. This is very cool!

I have one question though, is there a way we can use Argus and Afterglow in Hex, when Hex doesn't have racluster? I don't know how to output Argus data in a CSV format without racluster...

geek00l said...

Hi Niresh,

Meet me and I will pass you one.

Hi anonymous1,

For the silktools in the menu, that's not bug. We don't put it in menu until I'm fluent in silktools, maybe someone from aircert can give me clue ;)


thanks, yes you can use afterglow, it is in the menu under Net-Visual, there's argus 2 in HeX, for argus 3 which includes racluster, you need to wait for HeXtra which we will release soon.