Saturday, July 05, 2008

Emerging Bro

I'm sured not many have heard of Bro comparing to Snort in NIDS arsenal, while both are actually applying different approach in intrusion detection, they are the Open Source NIDS I like to use to complement each others in different setup and deployment.

I'm now working closely with Matt Jonkman from EmergingThreats(ET) to start the new project calls Emerging-Bro, basically the project is about converting set of latest signatures from Snort to Bro so that Bro operators can take advantage of it. You can find more information from the announcement here -

If you are Bro operators, you might have question of why I'm doing this as Bro is more focused on policy and analysis script development to detect network event(be it normal or abnormal) instead of relying on signatures matching in byte stream. There are reasons why I'm doing this and I'm going to explain here -

Emerging-Bro will only focus on latest or critical signatures from ET, therefore the project is basically more concerning about latest/critical attacks because most networks are more vulnerable to newly discovered attacks than the old one, therefore detecting and preventing them at network boundary is much important. Currently there are about 100 latest signatures converted from ET to Emerging-Bro, and if you think certain Snort signature should be included, please do let me know.

The signature set that is developed by EmergingThreats usually give little time window for attacker and reduce the outbreak period significantly, hence you can pretty quick in detecting initial stage of new attacks. Bro operators can take advantage of this if they can monitor the new attack in time and quickly develope more complete detection scheme with Bro policy scripts.

Yes, according to Matt, there are requests about it, on and off there are people in Bro mailing list asking about the availability of Bro signatures, so why not doing it to help the community?

I think these gives enough reasons for me to work on the project. But providing latest signatures is not the end of Emerging-Bro, I greatly appreciate the help from Seth Hall to step up and discuss with me about the direction of the project and we both agree that it should be the platform for people to share or contribute their policy/analysis scripts as well. Currently he has his own development repository here and I will import them to Emerging-Bro.

For the moment, you can access and download all the signatures at -

Enough for now, and this project is also part of the reason why I'm not much blogging last two weeks as I have paid my free time to it. I would like to thank Matt and Seth for the collaboration works, and also Bro developers for their endorsement!

Cheers (;])

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